United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organization
UNESCO-TST Director, Sherry Sherrod DuPree,    dupreesa@umich.edu    (352)281-2286
About Us

Board Members

Geraldine Thompson, Florida State Senator
Beverly Robinson, Ph.D., Educational Consultant
Eric Alboher, CEO, BlackHistoryTours.com
Lesley Gist, CEO, Gist of Freedom BlogTalkRadio
Elaine Edwards, Retired Colonel, Ph.D.,US Army
Sevill Brown, CEO, National M.L .King, Jr. Parade

Our Mission

Our UNESCO-TST participants read, discuss, travel and take materials back to teacher workshops, classrooms and communities. We conduct oral interviews, film and enjoy the culture by having local tour guides. For example, Dr. G.W. Mingo, retired professor from the University of Florida was our tour guide to his home town of Key West, Florida. We contact the National Parks Service (NPS) for local support.

Teachers are saying make sure UNESCO-TST plans to travel when we can go, especially private and charter school teachers. It seems our teachers don't know or understand African American history nor diversity cultures. We put tour findings in the form of a video or other media for prisoners and JobCorps students, most have not finished high school. We conduct questions and answers after our tour presentation. We leave a copy of the video with the curriculum teacher to encourage continuous study and/or dialogue.

We go to some hidden historical sites, UNESCO sites, museums, schools, plantations, churches, etc. Any ideas and/or suggestions would be appreciated. We promote life long learning for everyone. We would like to be included in your next newsletter or correspondence.

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September 2015 Rosewood Massacre Presentation, Ledger Newspaper, Lakeland, FL

Website: A Roadmap to African American Diversity Resources (ARAADR) 1996 - present